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Weekends with Kids
After having worked hard all week, there is nothing better than doing something fun with the kids and relaxing afterwards. Because let’s be honest, the relaxing part usually comes after, right? 

We have lined up some fun attractions, workshops and museums for you in the Copenhagen area:
First up is a visit to one of our favourite museums, Statens Museum for Kunst or SMK. At the weekends, they hold a Children’s workshop where children can get creative with a variety of materials and make their own art. The workshops are guided by the gallery’s house artists who are ready to help your little ones with good ideas. 

If your children are more of the outdoorsy types, you might consider taking them to Dyrehavsbakken or Bakken in short. This lush green area where deer roam wild and trees date back to the 17th century, holds one of the world’s oldest amusement parks. The rides include a Ferris Wheel, a drop tower and many rollercoasters in a traditional setting. In the evening we really recommend the cabaret at Bakkens Hvile, where the songs song are exactly the same as 132 years ago! 

A more unlikely recommendation, but nevertheless a very worthy one in our opinion, is Rudolph Tegners Museum and Statue Park in Dronningmølle. 
An incredibly impressive museum consisting of large sculptures placed before a pastel background, it never ceases to amaze both children and adults. The fact that its surroundings are open to the public as well means your children can run freely in the heathery hills for fresh air and are able to part with some of their physical energy.

Of course our recommendations would not be complete without a mention to the beautiful Louisiana museum 30 minutes north of Copenhagen Their children’s wing hosts workshop based on their current exhibitions are hosted every every Sunday and there are storytelling sessions twice a week too, as well as an interactive art- and computer room. 

Lastly we would like to recommend the fantastic workshops hosted by the CAN family where for Fastelavn and Easter, both children and adults make wonderful decorations using paint, paper and glitter. Remember how much fun it was to use the papier-mâché technique as a child? Get stuck in with your children in this fantastic space on Tulinsgade where Martin will provide you with great tunes from his record collection. Remember to sign up in advance via and keep an eye on the dates on their Instagram: @can_family

Next time: Aarhus!

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