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Motherhood Journal

motherhood journal

Our next mother in this series is the lovely Sarah, who is a teacher and mother to Julius and August and lives together with her husband Christian, an attorney, in Frederiksberg. The entrance to her home is of beautiful 20th century Victorian architecture and we can just imagine what a lovely experience it is to come home here every day. Each room is painted in a different colour, making it a very pleasant experience to walk around their 125 m3 apartment. We chat to Sarah over orange juice and Danish strawberries about motherhood and her favourite things.

What is the most valuable lesson you having learned as a mother? 

That love does not have a max. There is always more to give. It is the greatest feeling to love someone so much and I feel very privileged. When I got my first boy, Julius, I really did not think I could love more that I had more love to give. But then came the little brother and it felt our hearts exploded with love!
Even when they have just been absolutely impossible, I can look at them the next time they sleep and my love for them will not have faded a bit! 


Of course I've also learned to put my own needs aside. I'm a mother all the way and I love it. The transition has been easy for me in many ways. I am quite aware that we are living 'on borrowed time' as they say. It will not be long before they are grown men. I prioritize my time and a lot of time is spent with my kids. It just makes sense to me and hopefully it will build a firm foundation for the future.


How do you relax? Do you plan time for yourself as a woman? 

There is little time to do that but recharging your battery is so important.
I often buy a good cup of coffee outside and sit and read a magazine or a book. When August sleeps, and I am at home, I ensure that I do not do too many practical things in my 'break time', which is August's sleeping time. I also make sure I am not too engaged with my mobile phone. It annoys me, if I spent all my time on it. I would really rather hear a good podcast, talk on the phone, looking at the trees or walking and being in my own thoughts. In addition, I go to a Pilates class every Tuesday night with my cousin. It is essential to have an agreement set up with someone else - it is the only way you go!


I am fortunate to have many wonderful people (grandparents, sister, etc.) in my life, who love to have the boys, so I often get to have spontaneous dates. It is pure luxury and I love spontaneity. Life with young children requires a lot of planning, but I'm not really a big fan of planning, I will leave that to my husband!

What does your ideal weekend look like? 

A lot of laughter and fun. A great mix of building Lego, clutter, good coffee, walking, wine (important), lovely food. Life is in many ways 'back to basics' with two small cubs. There simply is not time for much else. But I also really love a nice party and appreciate that more now that they are few and far and between.

A weekend with us usually consists of breakfast at Brød on Enghaveplads or Hart Bageri på Gl Kongevej, a trip to the Zoo or on a playground, then relaxing while the boys sleep. Unfortunately they do not sleep at the same time yet but we are working on that! We like to drink coffee and socialize with some friends, get a Take-away, followed by red wine on the sofa when the boys sleep around 7 or 8 and around that time the sofa starts looking really good.
I love when a weekend without any plans but it end sup a really busy but lovely weekend where both have been socializing with friends and family. We are very social and enjoy seeing our friends. At the same time is is also special to feel like a unit of 4.

What is the best thing about Frederiksberg? Do you have any tips?

The buildings, the atmosphere and the green areas. The buildings are so beautiful! And in the area we live in feels very much like a village. People greet each other and say good morning. At the same time you have the pulse of the city and this diversity is something I really enjoy. 


At Coffee Works on Smallegade you get really good coffee at a good price, no more than 35 kr. It is perfect for a walk in Frederiksberg Garden. 

At Bak Shop on Old King's Road you can always find a nice little gift or a new green plant. 

Landbohøjskolen Garden is wonderful. Here you can take beautiful walks.

Bakkehuset is lovely to have just opposite us. They have a small coffee shop and you can hang out in the garden on a blanket. 

Carlsberg city offers many new playgrounds and sports fields. We use it every weekend!

What is your favourite day of the week? And why? 

I love Friday. Friday equals a good mood and expectations of joys to come over the weekend. Everyone is just in a better mood on Friday: both young and old. It is the day that welcomes the weekend and starts of with Friday sweets, of course. Some like to go on dates, have a drink or go to the cinema. With us at home, it is often most Friday candy and red wine. And that is perfectly ok.

Thank you so much for having us over Sarah! It was a great pleasure!

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