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Anna Engstrøm

motherhood journal

We greet our fourth mother in the series in the lovely town of Helsingør, about 50 minutes north of Copenhagen. In a semi-detached house on a cul-de-sac and with views reaching as far as Sweden, lives 23 year old Anna Engstrøm with her boyfriend and son Edgar. It is her hometown and she is happy here. With her mother closeby, good vintage shops and Louisiana and the Maritime Museum only a short drive away, we can’t see any reason why she shouldn’t be. 

Her serene nature is reflected in her home: all the rooms are painted in muted colours such as sand, nude and light yellow, there are soft rugs and carpets and it also shows her having a great eye for vintage finds, a hobby she has recently turned into a small business called Vieille. 


Anna, you have a great sense of style that is really your own.
Can you tell us a bit about your style?

My style is fairly self-taught, I would say. My mother has a different style so I didn’t grow up with the same aesthetic things around me. I get inspiration from going abroad but also from Instagram. I am lucky enough to trust myself completely, and happy to see others seem to like it too. When buying in for Vieille, it is usually love at first sight and most of the items are bought abroad. Luckily they seem to have translated here easily. 

Can you tell us a little about some items in your home?
We love how you have created a little safe haven for Edgar with the playtent. 
The playtent is from Bilka and the mobile above Edgar’s commode is from Livingly. The walls in the lounge are painted in Sunday Mood by Flugger. I have a lot of vintage items too.


Can you recommend any nice places in Helsingør? 

I love the café called “Lagoni” in Helsingør and all of our 2nd hand stores where I’ve really done a lot of great buys for both me, Edgar, Allan and our home . We also love Kronborg! And the lovely cafe strandvejsristeriet located just beside Kronborg.

Also, Aarstiderne in Humlebæk where we have coffee and do our grocery shopping every Sunday.


What makes you happy?  

I think it is very important to focus on what you have, instead of what you are missing. I have a healthy family, a home and good friends and that is enough to make me happy. I don’t really miss going out at night because what I have here is so much more precious to me. Slowing down is also very important, there is no rush all the time. Not feeling pressured creates a more calm feeling, which can really benefit the baby and your overall state of mind. 

Before Anna went on pregnancy leave, she worked for a PR company where she was in charge of their Social Media and email communication. She is unsure whether she will return, but we know this “old soul”, as Anna calls herself, will be succesful at whatever she does. Her calmness and down-to-earth personality make her come across wise beyond her years. 

Thank you so much for having us, Anna. 

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