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Kit Borne

motherhood journal

Kit Borne

Secondly we are so excited to tell you about our second mother called Kit Borne. Kit is a pedagogue and...

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Secondly we are so excited to tell you about our second mother called Kit Borne.

Kit is a pedagogue and mother to two adorable little girls, Olivia and Annabell, and she has kindly invited us into her home and family life.



Kit lives in the family friendly neighbourhood Frederiksberg. A long time ago the building opposite her apartment burnt down, giving this family of four a beautiful view of Copenhagen’s rooftops.



She has filled her home with muted colours such as grey, off white and sand, making it a warm and comfortable place to visit. There are design classics such as Arne Jacobsen’s floor lamp, Kaare Klint’s Safari chair and Lyngby vases but also more contemporary accessoiries  and a few inherited pieces.





Kit, could you tell us a little bit about what inspires you most in life? 


The biggest inspiration in my life is my little family and especially our two beloved girls.

Annabell and Olivia make life special and inspire me every day. To see them grow, say their first words, take the first steps in life, our many nice talks and us playing together is a huge source of inspiration. On a more platonic level; I also get inspired by Instagram but I do always try to maintain my own sense of style. 





What do you wish for the girls’ future? Is there anything in particular?

I want to provide as many good experiences for them as I can, I want to help them grow as individuals and for them to always feel like they have someone to fall back on when they need it. 


What are your favourite brands?


My favorite brands are slightly divided. Brands like Zara, Arket and Serendipity Organics are really good to buy for everyday life at home or in kindergarten. But I also have a love for the brands Caramel and Babe & Tess for the more special occassions. 



Where do you like to shop and why?


I shop online when it comes to brands like Zara and Arket because it’s easier than entering their very often big, and sometimes impractical stores. When I do visit stores, the most important thing for me is that I feel at ease. Soft music, a friendly smile and a helpfullness make for a pleasant atmosphere. I love stores that have created more of a universe for both mother and child. 



What does your ideal day look like?


My ideal day consists of nothing more than being together. We could go for a walk and maybe have lunch or something to eat but just to be together, to me, is what makes any day perfect. 



Thank you Kit, for allowing us in, sharing your dreams and wishes! We can honestly say we have never met such a smiley baby as your little girl. We could have shot a thousand pictures of her!

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Camilla Piltoft

motherhood journal

Camilla Piltoft

    First up on our motherhood tour is the wonderful Camilla Piltoft.  Having worked for Københavens Møbelsnederi and with...

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First up on our motherhood tour is the wonderful Camilla Piltoft. 

Having worked for Københavens Møbelsnederi and with extensive knowledge and experience under her belt, she recently set up her own company, along with a colleague, called Matrikula Studio. In this interview, this mother of two will tell us a little bit more about what inspires her plus we were allowed into her beautiful home in Nyboder, a historic row housing district of former Naval barracks in Copenhagen’s Østerbro. Meet Camilla, Christian and Ida. 



Camilla, please can you tell us a little about what inspires you in your work and in life?




My children definitely inspire me every day, but I also get a lot of inspiration from just walking through the city and chancing my focus. 

When we design furniture for our company Matrikula, I always start by looking at the surroundings. Especially the house/building it is going to be placed in. I focus on the atmosphere or search for characteristic details, that we can refine and develop to a piece. I also get really inspired by the cinematography (the art of photography and camerawork in a film). I think it is interesting to look at how a film is cropped and framed. 






What are your favourite children’s brands? 

 I like clothes with a simple but playful look to them and most of all I think it is important my children are comfortable. Here are some of my favourite brands:


House of Paloma

Co. Label

Bobo Choses








Can you tell us a little bit about the home you live in?  

Our home is a very old house and the house it self gives so much character to the rooms, that not much furniture, decoration and paintings are needed. I don’t want our interior to take over. I want the main feature of our home to be the architecture and feel of the place. 




You seem to have chosen your decorative objects very well, can you tell us a little bit about them? 

The painting in the picture below is from an unknown artist. My father gave it to me, when we visited a flea market some years ago, which normally isn’t his (or my) thing. But we had such a great experience. I wasn’t sure that I wanted it, but now I love it, the colors and the mood. 




The big vase in corner on the floor is from Rabens Atelier and the vase on the table is from Broste Copenhagen. I bought in a flower shop.  





I don’t have many accessories in general. I like very calm surroundings with just a few things which all mean something to us. Most our home accessories are inherited, bought on holidays or made by the children or myself. If I buy something it is mostly in small shops, like a flower shop, a pottery or a café/restaurant. I think all my purchases through and would always sooner go for quality than quantity. Even when buying simple things like kitchen utensils, I look for the best quality version I can find. To have inspiring surroundings is important to me because of the work I do and the person that I am. 


Adding colour to my home is also important, as long I am certain that I will love the colour for a long time to come. Therefor I always seem to go for more muted, calmer colours and I find e.g. the Aiayu cushions to be easy to inject a little colour without making a drastic change to my home.






How do you like to shop for children’s clothes? 

 As I work fulltime and have two children, I do buy quite a lot online once I know how the clothes are sized and there are certain brands I do come back to regularly, so that makes it easier. I actually prefer to physically shop as I like to feel the clothes but then it’s not that relaxing with two children. 


When we visited Camilla, one of the things we loved was that she had printed off different A4 sized papers with pictures of beautiful architecture, patterns and prints for her children to make collages with. As well as inspiring them, encouraging their creativity and broadening their horizons, it will also end up being an artwork that you really will love hanging in your kitchen;)!




Thank you so much for participating in our Motherhood Tour, Camilla. 



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